A selection of our accessories - See the full accessories section of our catalogue here
Oregon Round Files

Round Files

  • OMK70501 1/4 Round File (dozen pack) 6.4mm
  • OMK70502 7/32 Round File (dozen pack) 5.5mm
  • OMK70503 3/16 Round File (dozen pack) 4.8mm
  • OMK70504 5/32 Round File (dozen pack) 4.0mm
  • OMK705111 4.5mm Round File (dozen pack)
  • OMK90410 5/16 Round File (six pack) 7.9mm
Oregon Flat Files

Flat Files

  • OMK12211 6 Flat File (dozen pack)
  • OMK40466 6 Flat File/.025 Depth Gauge Display
Oregon Sharpening Kit

Sharpening Kits

  • OMK38275 Chain Sharpening Kit 7/32 File Holder
  • OMK38277 Chain Sharpening Kit 3/16 File Holder
  • OMK38276 Chain Sharpening Kit 5/32 File Holder
  • OMK38278 Chain Sharpening Kit 4.5mm File Holder
Oregon File Holder

File Holders

  • OMK31686 File Holder 7/32
  • OMK31690 File Holder 3/16
  • OMK37534 File Holder 5/32
  • OMK31692 File Holder 4.5mm
Oregon File Guide

File Guides

  • TOL 6375 5/32 Chainsaw Sharpener
  • TOL6378 3/16 Chainsaw Sharpener
  • TOL6381 7/32 Chainsaw Sharpener
Oregon Precision Guide

OMK23736A Precision File Guide

Precision built file guide gives consistent, accurate sharpening results. Easy to install on the Guide Bar with the chain in place.

File not included

Oregon File Handle

OMK36857A File Handle

Oregon wooden file handles are Hickory from Arkansas USA. *File not included

Oregon Bar Covers

Bar Covers

  • OMK28933 Oregon 20 Chain Guard
  • OMK28934 Oregon 16 Chain Guard
  • OMK38614 Oregon 14 Chain Guard
Oregon Bench Grinder

Chain Grinders

  • OMK32653 Bench Mount Chain Grinder (pictured)
  • OMK106540 Hydraulic Assist Bench Mount Chain Grinder
  • OMK519789 Premium Bench Mount Chain Grinder
  • OMK106550 Bench Mount Mini Chain Grinder - 240 Volt
  • OMK109178 Bar Mount Mini Chain Grinder - 12 Volt
Oregon Rivet Spinner

OMK24549A Rivet Spinner

The basic workshop tool for joining any chain loop.

  • Produces tight, consistent rivet spins every time
  • Minimises risk of chain breakage
  • Complete unit includes A & B anvils plus A & B takeup handles
Oregon Bench Model Chain Breaker

OMK24548A Bench Model Chain Breaker

  • Bench type for shop use, easy operation lever action
  • For 1/4, .325, 3/8 and .404 pitch chains
  • Replacement parts available
Oregon Combination Spanners

Combination Spanners

For the removal of bar and chain tensioning see full list here

  • Two sizes of sockets on each wrench
  • Fits most popular chainsaws
  • Flat screwdriver blade