The new patented OREGON OSC-1 ®

From the start OREGON®’s ambition was to bring the chainsaw market the “best products” combining innovative design, manufacturing excellence and the best raw material. Having mastered the sophisticated manufacturing processes, focus has been placed upon finding the best possible raw material for optimum performance in all chainsaw cutting conditions. Following an extensive metallurgical research project, experimentation and field testing, all OREGON® professional chainsaw chains are now manufactured from a patented alloy. The new material is 20% tougher at room temperature and 125% tougher at a temperature of -7˚ than conventional alloys.

Advanced Cutting Technology is what OREGON® is all about

Our name means advanced cutting technology. Everyone associated with the manufacture and distribution of Oregon® products works hard to provide our customers with real, honest-to-goodness value. Our reputation builds upon a foundation of high-quality products. And our products attain their quality through advanced technology that produces maximum product performance, as well as reliable, efficient and consistent manufacture.

Advanced = Leading edge innovation, superior performance, unsurpassed quality.

Cutting = This is our speciality, our identity and our focus.

Technology = We are inventive, delivering to customers a better way to get their jobs done. By discovering new ways to solve our customers problems. OREGON® has become more than “products”, we are “solutions”.

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