Oregon Bar Features

Oregon Cradle Sprockets

Cradle is a patented nose-sprocket design built into Oregon professional chainsaw guide bars. On standard noses, all the stress is carried by the tips of the sprocket teeth, on an Oregon Cradle sprocket the stress is spread over the much greater surface area between each tooth.

  • This feature greatly contributes to the elimination of failure due to broken sprocket nose outer races.
  • Laboratory and field testing indicates a potential increase in sprocket life of between 150% to 300%.
Oregon Lubri-Jet

Lubri Jet is an angled oil hole that works to eliminate bar oil-hole plugging. The standard perpendicular oil hole position is changed to an angular position. The Lubri Jet oil hole slopes up and forward towards the top and nose of the bar. A Lubri Jet oil hole is smaller, which increases the velocity of the oil as it enters the bar, and helps clear sawdust and debris away from the hole during operation.

  • Drive links will pull sawdust and chips away from the oil-hole during operation.
  • Improved chain and bar lubrication results in a longer service life.
  • The smaller size of the Lubri Jet oil hole increases the velocity of incoming oil with no decrease in the volume.
  • Less downtime on the job.
Oregon Lubri-Dam

Lubri-Dam is a dam that helps keep lubricant where it's needed. The Lubri-Dam resembles a small barrier located in the bottom of the guide bar's groove, just behind the oil-hole.

  • Oil in the bar groove is prevented from running out of the bar's tail, keeping more lubricant available to the bar and chain.
  • Bar oil hole plugging is reduced because the Lubri-Dam helps deflect sawdust and wood chips away from the oil hole.
  • A increase of available oil and a reduction of oil hole plugging combine to improve overall lubrication.
  • Cutting performance is enhanced and service life of the bar and chain is maximised.
Intenz Tensioning Concept

Tensioning chain saw cutting is faster, easier and safer with the Intenz guide bars from Oregon. A tough rack and pinion system coupled with the Wedge Lock bar locking feature built into the bar itself allows you to tension chain quickly, easily and correctly.

  • Easy access to the chain adjusting slot for fast, accurate tensioning.
  • Easy to tension chain correctly. Enhances performance, increases safety and reduces bar and chain wear.
  • No need to put hands near sharp chain or hot exhaust system reducing the risk of accidents during chain tensioning.
  • Fast accurate tensioning, no need to struggle to keep a combination spanner blade on a conventional tensioning screw in a difficult location.
  • Prevents backward movement of the bar.
  • Easy to retrofit existing chain saws.
  • Makes chain and bar installation fast and easy.