Oregon Chain Features

Oregon Lubri-Link

LubriLink is a cavity in chain tie straps that acts like an oil reservoir.

  • Lubricant that would normally be thrown off the chain by centrifugal force is held in the LubriLink reservoir
  • Oil is kept available to flow freely into chain parts when the cutting chain slows or stops. This increases chain and bar life.
  • LubriLink strengthens the chain tie straps by reducing their tendency to flex during operation. It makes the chain more stable and less susceptible to premature failure.
  • Tests show that oil remains on the chain and in the chain joints even when the chain reaches the end of its service life.
Oregon Lubri_well

Lubriwell is a hole in the chain drive link that carries the oil around the entire length of the bar and holds the oil on the high friction zone where the chain and bar groove walls make contact.

  • Oil is carried around the entire length of the bar
  • Lubrication is improved around the bar's tip - especially important on sprocket nose bars
  • Lubricant is held in the Lubriwell holes reducing friction during the start-up period - before the saw's oiling system reaches its peak function
  • The chain's overall weight is reduced; less power is required from the saw's engine and less effort is required from the operator
Oregon Vibe-ban

Unfortunately, chainsaws are synonymous with vibration. When you use a chainsaw, you will be exposed to some level of vibration.

  • By removing a small amount of material from the heels of the cutters and tie straps, the rear of these chain parts can "float" above the guide bar rail.
  • When the cutter of a standard chain impacts the wood, the cutter is momentarily stopped by becoming trapped between the wood and the bar rail. This releases a tremendous jolt of energy.
  • On a Vibe-Ban chain, the space between the chain and bar allows the chain to act like a shock absorber and much of the energy is dissipated. Vibe-Ban chain reduces the level of vibration by 25% or more.
Oregon Witness Mark

All Oregon high-performance chisel, and some semi-chisel chains now feature top-plate Witness Marks which indicate
the optimum top-plate angle and are used as an aid to correct chain sharpening.

  • Sharpening is made easier and more accurate.
  • Easier to achieve equal cutter lengths.
  • Helps maintain top performance throughout the chain's life
Oregon Chamfer Chisel

Chamfer Chisel the new cutter shape for the ever-popular 90 and 91 chain families.

  • Chamfer Chisel cutters have an angular shape with twin cutting corners that offer outstanding performance
  • The new Chamfer Chisel chain cuts fast, it is durable and easy to maintain
Oregon Micro-Lite

The Oregon Micro-Lite "narrow kerf" cutting system is designed to increase cutting efficiency. These products remove less wood fibre when cutting and therefore require less power.

  • Reduced kerf width increases cutting efficiency and improves cutting speed.
  • Lightweight, low vibration and with reduced kickback, Micro-Lite "Narrow Kerf" chains incorporate the Oregon Vibe-Ban vibration reducing feature.