Laminated sprocket nose bars, PRO-LITE® bars are designed for full time professional use in pulp, firewood cutting and heavy-duty farm use. Excellent for modern high speed saws requiring a combination of low weight and durability. PRO-LITE® bars are manufactured from a special high-silicon steel alloy and feature LUBRI-DAM® and the CRADLE™ sprocket nose design.
Suitable for high speed saws from 35 to 65cc, available from 11” (28cm) to 24” (60cm) in .325” and 3/8” in .050” (1.3mm), 058” (1.5mm), .063” (1.6mm) gauge.

Oregon Chainsaw Bars Special Feature Lubri-dam Oregon Chainsaw Bars Special Feature Lubri-jet

Oregon Chainsaw Bar Pro-Lite SL