The power from your chainsaw drives the sprocket, and the sprocket drives your cutting chain at high speed around your guide bar. Your sprocket, chain, and guide bar are the three components of your saw’s “cutting team.” It’s the cutting team that does the actual work of cutting, and your sprocket is an essential member of the team. Oregon® sprockets can be installed on chainsaws having either inboard, or outboard clutch assemblies. Follow the instructions in the operator’s manual provided by your chainsaw manufacturer for correct sprocket installation


OregonŽ rim sprocket systems have two components: a clutch cup with splined hub, and a free-floating rim. It is only the rim that makes contact with your saw chain as it is driven around your guide bar. Rim-type sprocket systems are favored by those who want the ultimate in performance and are available for many types of chainsaws.

These two-piece sprocket systems are the ultimate way to drive the chain on most types of saws and can be used by all types of chainsaw operators.